Waldenserstraße 2-4, 10551 Berlin
Telefon: 030 49918499

About us

RGI RealGround Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH


The RGI RealGround Immobilien Group is an experienced and competent partner when it comes to buying, selling and developing real estate projects.
Our corporate group is headquartered in Berlin-Tiergarten and has many years of experience working self-employed in the real estate sector. The working career of Mr. Cengiz Gültepe (Banking economist/expert) began with the foundation of a real estate service company in 2000. Originally, the managing partner comes from the banking sector and has 30 years of experience in the real estate and banking industry.
The combination of experience from the banking and real estate sector enable us to carry out prompt real estate acquisition audits as well as to ensure smooth purchase processes of real estate transactions.
We are particularly interested in non-performing real estate objects, the purchase of which also is one of our core competences. In these cases, we try to find individual solutions for the purchase of the corresponding real estate. For that we include the property owner as well as the mortgage lender (especially banks) to our decision making and implement them in our solution approach discreetly.




Another core competence is the purchase and implementation of individual condominiums and apartment packages (remainders). Condominiums and apartment packages have been purchased on a regular basis since 2015. We also buy condominiums with problematic tenants. We also bring our experience to the home ownerships and work closely with the WEG administrators. After any problems have been resolved and the condition of the apartment has subsequently been optimized, the respective apartment units are recycled.
The RGI RealGround Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH is part of the RGI RealGround Immobilien Group. To expand our own portfolio and for our own project development we are continually looking for properties in Berlin and Brandenburg. This year, we also plan to invest in real estate acquisitions and expand our business activities.

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