Waldenserstraße 2-4, 10551 Berlin
Telefon: 030 49918499

Planning, construction company and Real Estate companies hand in hand

The Real Ground Immobilien Group works together with IF Berlin Bau GmbH and the planning office DesignPlan.

In addition to the usual activities in the real estate sector such as project development, purchase and sale, renovation and management, the company also provides construction services (including turnkey construction) and planning services such as design and approval planning, execution and fire protection planning, as well as more extensive services such as the preparation of a complete statics analysis of the property.

In the context of this wide range of services, the just named companies work hand in hand within the framework of an office partnership.One of many advantages coming with this situation is, that due to short and direct arrangements as well as coordination, a quick and competent service performance is guaranteed.

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